The Homeopathic Consultation

The Initial Visit

The very first visit is the most important. In the homeopathic world it is called the initial intake. This session can be very lengthy and can last anywhere from 1-2.5 hours. In order to see to where the origins of disturbance arise it is necessary to see how your "organism" expresses itself on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Together we explore not only your presenting symptoms, but how those symptoms manifest themselves in a way that is specific to your being. This process allows the essence of your vital force to emerge so it can be matched to the essence of the most appropriate remedy. Homeopathy is thereby custom fit to each individual. Two individuals presenting similar symptoms, may not need the same remedy. 


For example, a client may come in with usual cold symptoms - runny nose, cough, headache. Some questions asked would be, are there specific modalities that make you feel better or worse, i.e. cold compress to the head? What time of day are your symptoms most predominant? Do you prefer warm or cold liquids, or none at all? Are there specific positions that make your symptoms better or worse? Is there a particular side that is more affected? What are the sensations that accompany the symptoms such as dull throbbing ache, or sharp shooting pain. 


Aside from the physicals, we want to know how the vital force expresses itself on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. We will explore the primary concerns of your life. What makes you happy, what would you like to change? How are your relationships? What are your hopes and aspirations? Are you fulfilled? 


It is very often the case that an individual will have undergone some form of stress or even trauma prior to an illness. On the lesser side, one may have had a fight with their spouse leaving them feeling angry and criticized. This weakens the vital force and allows pathology to enter - in this case  - a cold. On the more serious side, perhaps a person may have lost a loved one. They now are having difficulty sleeping, their concentration becomes poor, heart palpitations and asthmatic symptoms may develop. Left unresolved these symptoms have the potential to create chronic illness.


Follow Up Visits

In the beginning of treatment it may be necessary to follow up more frequently, but over time the length between visits may increase. Typically, follow up visits usually occur every 4-5 weeks. These sessions are not unlike the initial visit in that we will examine all of your feelings and functions in depth, so that we may ascertain the effects of the remedy on your entire being. However, the body of information needed is not quite a wide as the initial intake and does not usually require the same amount of time. These sessions may last anywhere from 15 minutes to a full hour.

Complete Confidentiality

It is important to know that all information that is shared is completely confidential. As a homeopath, my highest goal is to help individuals emerge from their suffering and to restore them to the greatest state of well being possible. There is never any judgement, only compassion. It is truly an honor to engage with individuals in this very deep way and to hear their stories unfold. It is often the case that a client will say "I never told anyone that before..." This comes from the clients trust and recognition of my genuine intention and their pure desire to heal on the deepest levels. The more open and honest one can be, the more effective the treatment.


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Jennifer was born to do this work. The wisdom and insights she guides me through  are truly transformational. I have never felt so alive and excited about my future! As a VIP client engaged in the her Life Mastery Program, I testify that this work far surpasses any I have done over the past twenty years!

                              Linda Stasiak


If you are looking to up level in your life, up level in the way your spirituality meets your results, you are going to want to work with Jennifer. She knows how to get you going! Don’t hesitate! You wont be disappointed!

Lauren Broiler


Jennifer is a passionate and intuitive coach of great depth of wisdom. She has opened my eyes to my own limiting blocks and helped ignite the fire within me to become an even greater version of myself. She firmly yet compassionately identifies sabotaging self talk and guides her clients towards their truest calling, helping them move consistently from the life they are living to a life they love. Jennifer's workshops are energizing and professional and she is a highly competent and devoted coach. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make lasting changes in any area of their life.

Michael P


I am astonished by the wisdom beyond her years of Jennifer and her dedication to offer help and enlightenment!

                                     Robert M


Jennifer's workshop was a great experience. It was a big wake up call for me! Thank you Jennifer for sharing all your knowledge and experience with me!



I just finished this amazing workshop with Jennifer. I am so inspired to go after my dreams! I encourage you to work with Jennifer!



Jennifer is an amazing coach and speaker.  She can connect with people in a deep and profound way and help them get the results they are wanting. I recommend her as a coach and speaker with whole heart.

Janice Bussing

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