Sublingual Administration

It is recommended that you administer three to five (3-5) pellets of the remedy for the recommended period or until the remedy vial is either completed or you feel the symptoms of an aggravation* coming on.

If an aggravation does occur during these administrations, STOP taking the remedy. Only call the office initially if the aggravation is severe. Please call only during the office hours 9:00 am to 5:00pm Otherwise, wait until the aggravations subside, then report in to receive further instructions as to how to proceed.

If there are no aggravations, then continue with your regimen by following the recommended procedure as indicated in the first paragraph above.


*Cold or flu-like symptoms are often mimicked during an aggravation. During this experience, to strengthen the immune system, administration of herbal tonics such as Colloidal Silver, Grapefruit Seed Extract and Echinacea are recommended.


AVOID THE USE OF COFFEE, MINT, MARIJUANA, CAMPHOR, EUCALYPTUS and MENTHOLATED products as they can antidote the action of the remedy.


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Jennifer was born to do this work. The wisdom and insights she guides me through  are truly transformational. I have never felt so alive and excited about my future! As a VIP client engaged in the her Life Mastery Program, I testify that this work far surpasses any I have done over the past twenty years!

                               Linda Stasiak

Jennifer is a passionate and intuitive coach of great depth of wisdom. She has opened my eyes to my own limiting blocks and helped ignite the fire within me to become an even greater version of myself. She firmly yet compassionately identifies sabating self talk and guides her clients towards their truest calling, helping them move consistantly from the life they are living to a life they love. Jennifer's workshops are energizing and professional and she is a highly competant and devoted coach. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make lasting changes in any area of their life. 

Michael Pedone



I am astonished by the widsom beyond her years of Jennifer and her dedication to offer help and enlightenment!

                                     Robert M

Jennifer's workshop was a great experience. It was a big wake up call for me! Thank you Jennifer for sharing all your knowlege and experience with me!


I just finished this amazing workshop with Jennifer. I am so inspired to go after my dreams! I encourage you to work with Jennifer!


Jennifer is an amazing coach and speaker.  She can connect with people in a deep and profound way and help them get the results they are wanting. I reccommend her as a coach and speaker with whole heart.

Janice Bussing

If you are looking to uplevel in your life, uplevel in the way your spirituality meets your results, you are going to want to work with Jennifer. She knows how to get you going! Dont heitate! You wont be dissappointed!

Lauren Broiler

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